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The Beginning

Since 1982 when I was 10 years old I have been installing irrigation systems. I still remember the first day when all my friends were starting summer vacation and my Dad "Ron Smith" had just started his new irrigation business.

The Lesson

It was not until I was 16 and having spent many summers digging ditches, installing sprinklers and setting valves that I decided that I had enough. I wanted a real job. I soon became a bagger at Albertsons. After my first $80 paycheck for 20 hours work, my Dad smiled at me and gave me my first repair job. I made more in one afternoon than my friends would make in a week. It was a hard-earned lesson but a great one.


The next four years I spent in the United States Air Force as a mechanic learning all about hydraulics, electricity, computers etc. It was during this time that my son Kyle was born.

I left the USAF to go back to what I really liked to do, irrigation. My first adventure was for a national lawn service company as an Irrigation Technician. Soon afterward, I quickly advanced to Irrigation Install Foreman, then Irrigation Manager. I was hungry for more and soon I was back in college to learn how to be an Irrigation Designer.

Professional Career

After college, I was working for Miller Legg, a full-service engineering firm as Head of Irrigation Design. I worked for several years developing a reputation in the irrigation industry as a competent designer. I also met my wife Angie and her daughter Sarah. It was not long before I was recruited by Masuen Consulting, a National Water Resource Consulting firm.

During my time with Masuen Consulting all my life experience with Irrigation, Landscape Management, Water Conservation etc. was tested and honed. My wife gave birth to our daughter Lily and I was born again after accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior. I also earned just about every industry certification possible. This period of my life was an unforgettable, positive experience that has prepared me for my next endeavor

Insight Irrigation LLC

30 years have gone by since I installed my first irrigation system with my Dad and I want to give back to the community where I first started. I created Insight Irrigation LLC as a Christian based business with the highest possible level of service and irrigation experience available.


Aaron Smith